ABOUT | dani brodsky

Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

Dani Brodsky is an artist and textile designer hailing from Philadelphia. She grew up on a busy street across from a cemetery, which she would often explore to pass the time and draw inspiration from. Her deeply held respect for functionality, partnered with her innate sense for abstraction, is what drove Dani to begin building sculptures as a child. She has yet to stop.

Dani jumps back and forth between drawing, tufting, writing, and constructing. Her work exists at the intersection of soft sculpture and experimental design. In her tufted pieces, Dani navigates long histories of storytelling, objects, and dreamscapes-- and explores how they manifest themselves through softened color and texture. There is a comfort emphasized in the imagery Dani depicts, alongside a discomfort in the way its purpose is altered. Objects previously seen as utilitarian often become decorative or their purposes subverted, and vice versa.

She holds a BFA in Fibers and Materials Studies from the Tyler School of Art and Architecture. She has shown work in multiple galleries on the east coast, and her pieces live in homes all across the world. Currently, Dani works and resides in West Philly with her rabbit Beelzebub, ghosts, and their many plants.

If you'd like to hire me, ask me questions, or request photos of Beezle you can email me here or find me on instagram here